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Education Technology

Tando Solutions have worked developing and providing software and services for schools and the education sector in Australia for 15 years. We have deep ingrained knowledge of how schools and education bodies function, the software they use and require and the types of solutions and integrations needed. We have worked closely with teachers and staff at schools and have a good working relationship with many schools across Australia. We maintain our leading edge through attending EdTech conferences across Australia and regularly researching and staying up to date with online education/management in IT forums across Australia.

We understand and have indepth experience with:

  • School Management Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Business Intelligence + Reporting
  • Attendance Solutions
  • Timetabling, Events & Permission Slips
  • Co-corricular activites
  • Student Wellbeing + Behaviour/Pastoral Support.
  • School Finance and Billing
  • Data and API Integration
  • Community & Parent Portals
  • School Canteen + top-up cards
  • Markbook & Academic Reporting

Please feel free to contact us for consultancy, development or services.