Product Management

Product Management Funnel

Tando have experience in Product Management. This includes managing roadmaps and release cycles, coaching Agile and Scrum methodology, hosting Scrum standups, Sprint Retrospectives, Sprint Planning meetings, and various other areas of the software development lifecyce. On top of this we are comfortable and highly experienced in successful sales and demonstration of products to large audiences and stakeholders across the world. Should you need assistance with presentations, sales, pre-sales or product walk-throughs and training, Tando can assist in this area of your business.

Product Design

When developing a product it helps to have a Product Requirements Document (PRD), a Product Detailed Design (PDD) or something equivalent in order to ensure you have set a high level goal for your product to work towards. In turn, roadmaps, features + objectives, releases can then be established.

Sales Funnel and Pipeline

We can assist with focusing your web solutions on optimising the on-boarding of new enquiries, bookings and accounts, streamlining the process of getting new customers or clients on your books and ultimately increasing your sales pipeline. Get in touch with us for more information.


A key part of product development is pre-sales and sales, which includes presentations to your potential clients outlining both the sales model and business terms as well as demonstrating the product itself in the best light possible. There are a number of tips and techniques that can be used to ensure you put your best foot forward in this area which we are able to assist with.

Agile & SDLC

No matter what form of software development life cycle your business is using, whether it be Agile or Waterfall, Tando can assist in your process. We have experience in Agile development including release management, hosting scrum standups, sprint retrospectives, sprint planning meetings and other processes required for succesful development.