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Mobile App Development

Tando Solutions have experience developing mobile solutions ranging from native device mobile apps throught o progressive web applicatoins (PWA's) and mobile friendly websites. Having followed the trends since mobile apps existed, we understand the impact, effort, pros and cons of various approaches to mobile solutions.


When selecting an architecture for a mobile application or digital product, a number of factors must be considered. Native mobile apps can make use of the most sophisticated and technical features on a mobile device, Progressive Web Apps allow one code base to be developed which can be deployed to any device, and a mobile friendly website has a number of benefits as well, but sacrifices some other aspects.

Native Mobile Apps

A native mobile app refers to an application which is written primarily and specifically for a particular mobile device. There are two key types of mobile phones in the industry Android and iOS, and to develop native apps requires effectively developing a separate app for each version. The benefits of this are advanced technical features can be utilised such as Camera, Fingerprint security, accelerometer, contact lists etc. The downside is that a significant amount of effort may be needed to develop and maintain two separate apps to cater for both of these ecosystems.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps refer to an approach which allows a single codebase/application to be developed and hosted on a web environment, but can be accessed from mobile devices as though they were a local app. The technology has come so far that with a well designed solution, end users may not even know the difference between a native and PWA. Benefits of a PWA are reduced effort and cost to maintain a single code base, as well as ongoing maintenance costs. Con's of this approach may be slightly less performance/speed/features compared with a native app - this however is highly dependent on the nature of the app. For example a very heavy game with intensive graphics and movement would likely not be suited to a PWA.

Mobile friendly Websites

These days most websites are developed with mobile devices in mind - this means that when viewing a website it will render and display correctly regardless of the device being used - a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or digital tv. While this is the case, some solutions may require extra design and thought around creating a website which truly makes the most of a mobile interface.


We can assist with Digital Product solutions and selecting the right approach for your needs is a key part of the process. If you have questions about the above content or would like to discuss your needs, we can assist with guidance towards the best approach. Please reach out to us for any questions or enquiries.