Data, Analytics & Business Intelligence


Tando have experience with data at a fundamental level. We can assist with interrogating your data from any database or source and consolodating or transform it into beautiful and easy-to-understand reports, graphcs, analytics and business-intelligence. The context of this can range wildly from website analytics through to financial summaries or statistical data based on custom applications.

Data is at the very core of most businesses, even some that may not realise it. This data is a valuable commodity if it can be presented simply and easily to the right people, conveying the information that matters the most. Vast amounts of complex data may be rolled up to a very simple graph or indicator that can be utilised by a business owner or other stakeholders to help them make key decisions in their business.

Tando use a number of different technologies and methods to achieve this. Some popular Business Intelligence software includes Microsoft Power BI, Australia based YellowFin, Tableau, Grafana and many others. But the technology isnt as important as the content that is used, and the content that is displayed